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October Class Schedule - Registration opens August 27th.

Lex Professional Development Group inc. NCA Tutor is offering Intensive Classes and Exam Workshops taught by Ontario Barrister & Solicitor and NY Attorney at Law, Liran Kandinov.  For more than 6 years, Liran has worked with over 1350 NCA and Bar candidates.

The intensive classes will cover the fundamental substantive areas of law found on the NCA syllabi.  In the exam workshops, Liran will walk students through sample exam questions and will demonstrate how to properly structure answers for the exams.

These classes are offered In-Person (Toronto) and Online.

Please e-mail for registration and pricing details.

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August NCA Intensive Classes and Exam Workshops ROUND 2

Thank you to all the students who registered for our August classes. Nearly every course was sold out. We are now hosting a new round of classes for students who missed the first series. There will be early bird pricing for the first 5 students to register in each course. After that the costs go up by $40 per course.

For more information e-mail

Round 2: August Intensive Classes

Round 2: August Intensive Classes

Round 2: August Exam Workshops

Round 2: August Exam Workshops

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January 2018 NCA Exam Results Released Today

Today the NCA released the results for the January 2018 NCA Exams. Congratulations to all test takers that cleared their exams. If you haven't checked already, you can see your grades when you login to your NCA portal.

If you were a student of ours, please remember to e-mail us and let us know how you did. If you have now cleared all your required NCA exams, we look forward to working with you through the licensing process and helping you clear the Ontario Barrister & Solicitor exams.

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Results for the March Ontario Barrister & Solicitor exams are out!

Congratulations to all the licensing candidates that cleared their March exams. Remember to send us an e-mail to let us know how you did.

We are now in the process of finalizing our indexing group. If you're writing your Ontario Barrister & Solicitor exams and you were a high scoring student, get in contact with us if you'd like to join our indexing team.

Image Source: Unspash - by Andrew Neel

Image Source: Unspash - by Andrew Neel

The TPP is signed by 11 nations

On Thursday, the Trans Pacific Partnership was signed by 11 nations. Three years ago, Liran Kandinov co-authored an article with IP expert and professor of law at the University of Toronto, Ariel Katz discussing the constittuional issues surrounding the copyright provisions in the original TPP text.

Read the article below.

April 2018 Classes - Sold Out!!! - Now for Round 2 - New Schedule

Thank you to everyone who registered for the Intensive Classes and Exam Workshops that were offered in both February and March. All of the classes were oversold so we are adding new dates for both intensive classes and exam workshops.

Administrative Law, Professional Responsibility, Constitutional Law and Criminal Law will be taught by Ontario Barrister & Solicitor, Liran Kandinov.
Application of Logical Reasoning will be taught by Ontario Barrister & Solicitor, John Agozzino.

We look forward to welcoming you in our classes.

Intensive Classes and Exam Workshops - Round 2