About Us:

Lex Professional Development Group Inc. o/a - NCA Tutor™ provides advice, notes and tutoring to foreign trained lawyers seeking to convert their foreign legal qualifications in Canada. The Canadian legal accreditation process for all provinces (except Quebec) is administered by the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA), a branch of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

The company was founded by Liran Kandinov in 2012 is now owned by Lex Professional Development Group Inc. NCA Tutor™ works with a number of instructors to provide a comprehensive NCA learning experience.

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The NCA process:

Individuals seeking accreditation must apply to the NCA for an assessment.  The assessment can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks, but some of our students have received their assessments within two weeks of submitting a completed application.  Once the NCA assesses your file, you are then notified of any assignments or deficiencies.  Assignments can be completed either through NCA administered examinations or through a Canadian law school.  Currently the minimum number of exams an individual can be assessed is 5 and currently, an applicant has 5 years to complete their assignments.  If there are deficiencies in your application, then you may be asked to attend a Canadian law school to make up for those deficiencies. 

Once you have satisfied the assignments set out in your assessment you then receive a certificate of qualification.  This certificate allows you to start the licensing process with the law society of the province you wish you practice in (not including Quebec).