Liran is attractive because - he simplified issues so we can all think like a policy maker when taking the Constitution Law; - he particularly warned us to pay special attention to Professional Ethics course so we know it is not an easy course to pass; - he introduced extra recourse if we need help on non-core courses. I have completed all NCA exams and thanks Liran for creating such a community and we can develop confidence and fellowship to achieve our next milestone.
— Fang Huang
When I returned to Canada from Law School in England I was naïve and terrified as to the process ahead. I had heard about the “NCA Tutor” and was encouraged by friends who had gone through the NCA process to contact Liran for assistance. Liran has been an amazing support from the very beginning of this transitional process. Liran has helped me every step of the way from NCA student to lawyer. I encourage students who are beginning the NCA process to talk to Liran and listen to his advice because the few times in which I did not follow it, it did not benefit me and set me back (hindsight is 20/20). The NCA process, as well as the bar exams, are difficult on their own, from studying to managing time and a social life, it sometimes feels impossible. I am here to tell you that it is not impossible. Sometimes we all just need a little help, and Liran gave me that. I participated in study sessions, I purchased indices from him, I had private tutorials with Liran and he connected me with another tutor so that I could have as much time as I needed. I am so grateful for the assistance I received over the past 3 years from Liran and his staff and credit a lot of my success to his plan and methods of studying.
— Cait Tomlinson - ON, Canada
Thank you Liran for your tutoring, your notes and the exam prep classes, they made the whole process easier. Your notes were great and helped me get through the topics faster. You have a way of breaking down topics in your tutoring sessions that made me understand quickly and it made reading easier. Your exam prep classes ensured I went for my exams relaxed and ready. I highly recommend Liran’s help in getting through the NCA exams.
— Chinenye Pita-Nwana - AB, Canada
5 stars for the NCA Tutor! Coming from New York, there were various parts of the mandatory NCA subjects that were quite confusing. In fact, when it came to subjects like Canadian Constitutional Law, there were major differences between that and US Con Law. After hearing about Liran’s services from an Ontario-based friend who studied in England - and subsequently passed all 5 of his NCA exams using Liran - I knew I had to give the NCA tutor a shot! Safe to say, it worked! Used Liran (lectures, one-on-ones) for all 5 of my NCA exams and passed every one! Liran has a very thoughtful teaching approach. He carefully reviews the essentials of each subject, and will employ Socratic questioning at key times to ensure his students understand the discussed concepts. Coming from the US, I knew that reinforcing newly learned material was crucial to cementing it in the brain! Besides, I seriously doubt any Canadian constitutional law professor today will have more knowledge than Liran on that subject. The man knows his stuff! Thanks Liran!
— Aaron Miller - NY, USA
Liran as a teacher is absolutely amazing. I passed all my exams on the first go with Liran’s help and support. He definitely helps you to understand the big picture and pushes you to use your brain to think if you ask him questions. I highly recommend Liran alongside studying for the NCAs. He is very experienced and puts his heart into teaching. He knows the NCA subjects very well and prepares you well so you can answer questions on your own. Thanks Liran!!!!!!
— Christine Dimitrov - AB, Canada
I am very pleased that I have passed my Administrative, Foundations, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Professional Responsibility Law exams all on my first attempt. It would not be possible without Liran’s help, his notes, tutoring sessions and exam prep workshops are all extremely invaluable. At first, I’m really nervous and stressed just the thought of writing all these difficult exams. I’m a full time mother and don’t even know where to get my time in studying. I loved the fact that I could do both online group and private tutorial with him, an absolute luxury with my very heavy schedules. Liran is a good teacher/professor/tutor. He is very professional, personable and knows what approach towards helping me figure out the best way to pass the exam. Liran is clearly very knowledgeable, brilliant and competent in his ability to help me better grasp what concepts should I concentrate on or what part of the study materials I should focused on. At the end of each session, he always provides me with a summary of the tutoring session and offers me words of encouragement. I greatly appreciate Liran’s patience, kindness and understanding and all his creative approach! I would highly recommend Liran, his notes, his workshops to anyone seeking tutorial assistance for these NCA Exams.
Again, it would not be possible without Liran’s help passing all these exams on my first attempt. Extremely grateful! I’m sticking with Liran until I have all the positive results of both my Barrister and Solicitor Exams and have cleared all my NCA Exams.
Thank you so much Liran! I appreciate it! God Blessed You Always!
— Jhoana Pen - ON, Canada
The NCA process can be extremely intimidating. You are required to teach yourself various Canadian law subjects without any idea of what is expected of you at the exam in order to receive that sought after “pass”. The thick textbook(s) you are asked to read for each subject make the process even more overwhelming.

It was my goal to complete all 7 of my exams in 2 sessions. I wrote 3 in October 2015 and 4 in January 2016. Without knowing at the time, I left what I found to be the more difficult exams for January. Had it not been for Liran’s notes, tutoring sessions and exam prep workshops, passing all of these exams on my first attempt would not have been so easy. He was able to articulate the concepts of each course in a clear and comprehensible way, both in his notes and during his in-person sessions. His knowledge of the law is extensive and his dedication to helping aspiring lawyers succeed is admirable. I would absolutely recommend Liran’s notes and in-person sessions to everyone writing the NCAs.
— Jasmine Spudic - ON, Canada
Liran really brought me out of the tough situation i was in. I was committing the same mistake repeatedly in my criminal law exam. Although i was thorough with the subject and case laws yet something was missing and i was clueless and struggling. That “something” was defined by Liran for me. I attended his coaching session and examination workshop. Had private tutoring too. His style is superb. He ensured that we understand and grasp the basic concept and are able to point out actus reus and mens rea in a criminal offence so that we can deal with any offence in the exam. That really helped me and i wrote the exam without fear and passed😊. Thank you Liran.
— Geeta Karla - ON, Canada
Liran has a way of condensing the overwhelming volumes one has to read for NCA exams.With his style of tutoring, one can easily re-cap the syllabus in his/her mind’s eye. I have no regrets whatsoever using his notes, tutorials and workshops. I also have no hesitation in recommending his services for other NCA students. Thanks Liran for the good work you are doing and keep the light shinning.
— Ogochukwu Ebubechukwu - MB, Canada
Excellent tutor. I can guarantee you will have earned 30-40 percent of a exam grade just by attending Liran’s classes. I was having trouble with a past exam and under his guidance, I was able to pass my exam. I definitely encourage anyone to come see Liran.
— Bilal Anjum - ON, Canada
I started off buy only purchasing notes and then going on with it.. but after a few failed attempts i started classes with Liran for various subjects.. all those subjects i passed in my first attempt and the exam workshop was the most help regarding how to attempt the exams and what to expect. Lirans classes were a lot of help and shortened my nca time by a lot as i managed to give more exams per session than i would have managed on my own.
— Sahib Mangat - ON, Canada
The NCA process is incredibly complex and troublesome for most NCA applicants who come from a civil law jurisdiction. Also, because I was working on a very tight schedule, I was anxious with regards to the NCA assessment. But thankfully, I was referred to Liran by a former NCA student so that I decided to attend Liran’s classes and purchase his very organized notes. And I would say that they were one of the best investments I ever made. Liran’s classes are absolutely amazing. He is able to masterfully cover all of the main points of the NCA exam’s material in a few hours. Further, he is truly expert in tutoring and I could never pass the NCA exams without his support. Also, the NCA Tutor blog is excellent. It pinpoints particular details that are essential to success of foreign lawyers in Canada. In a nutshell, I strongly recommend Liran’s classes and notes. May GOD bless you, Liran.
— Rafael Cesar - ON, Canada
The NCAs are a daunting experience. You submit your transcripts from a foreign law school to a committee and they respond with a list of challenge exams that you must pass. They give you a syllabus for each exam and that’s it. - you’re on your own. This system lacks the structure and direction that law school provided for me. However, Liran’s notes and tutoring sessions go a long way in eliminating that guesswork. I wrote five exams in five days in October 2015, and passed them all on my first try. I didn’t have 8 to 12 months to critically read and condense the overwhelming reading material into something more manageable and useful for the exams. I had an articling placement lined up, and needed to finish as quickly as possible. I also didn’t have the attention span to pour through thousands of pages of textbooks, cases and articles and extract the key legal principles. I could not have prepared adequately for five exams in only two months without Liran’s help. His notes are thorough and easy to navigate, and his tutoring sessions are invaluable. He is a natural as a teacher and was an excellent coach throughout the NCA process. I say coach because I really got the sense that he wanted me to succeed. He has a brilliant legal mind (I do not), and has a natural ability to explain key concepts and principles in a way that made them easy for me to remember. I will be contacting him in a few months when I begin preparing for the Ontario bar exams. If you are willing to put in the work, Liran can provide the guidance needed to successfully prepare for these exams, in a fraction of the time. I highly, HIGHLY recommend his notes and tutoring to anyone writing NCA exams.
— John Canario - ON, Canada
Excellent Tutor! I recommend Liran’s way of teaching to every new nca candidate. His notes are excellent; and i am really grateful for having him as my tutor for both admin and criminal law.
— Bahaiya Nabeel - ON, Canada
Liran is an invaluable resource for successfully completing the NCA process, especially if you work full time. His tutoring sessions provide an overview of each course and key areas of focus. I recommend using his notes and at the very least, attending his exam review sessions as these give an insight on how to effectively address the exam questions.
— Pam N. ON, Canada
Just got my results on Admin, Const and Crim - Liran, You rock - Thanks so much for all the help - passed them all - would not have done it without your help!
— Cintia Z. - ON, Canada
I passed all my core subjects using Liran’s notes and by attending his group classes for 2 subjects. Liran is an excellent teacher - gifted with the ability to impart and transfer his knowledge to his students. I would recommend him anytime to those taking the NCA. More power to you Liran!
— Resurrecion Fernando - AB, Canada
Liran.. I passed... Thank you for all the help ( the notes.. Tutorials.. Special tips) thanks a ton!!
— Aparna Das - ON, Canada
Liran - Thanks for your help with Admin - I passed! Finally done with NCA!
— Hera Q. - BC, Canada
without Liran I could not have achieved my exams in the timeframe I did! Between his notes and tutoring where you feel weak; for me it was admin, you are guaranteed success if you follow this his expert advice, Liran manages this group for free, dedicates so much of his personal time to us all....I salute you x
— Theresa Nolan - AB, Canada
For someone taking the NCA exams with not enough knowledge about the Canadian legal system, Liran’s tutorials and notes were very helpful. His notes, I think, were the key to passing my exams. His tutorials were great, and he helped me see the big picture for each course. He gives great tips for the exams and how to structure your answers. He encourages us to work our way through a problem or question instead of just lecturing and spoon-feeding the material. He is great with answering questions no matter how silly or repetitive they may be. I strongly recommend him.
— Shini Bhatt - ON, Canada
Liran is a terrific tutor and worth the front end investment!
— Camille Collett - DC, USA
It’s perfectly possible to work a pretty demanding job working full time and, take and pass four - especially the ones you are taking. But you have to put the hours in and it’s worth going to someone like Liran to get an overview which helps put each subject into context.
— David W. - London, UK
Jan result is out passed constitution....)) thanks Liran for guiding me
— Vishal Sharma - ON, Canada
Thank you Liran for helping me with studying for all the exams! With your notes and group sessions I didn’t crack open any of the textbooks and with one month studying passed the 4 exams! Moreover, thanks for guiding me in how to tackle each exam which was the most important part (even more than the notes and group classes).
— Vithu Raman - ON, Canada
Highly recommend Liran’s notes. Even better if you get him to tutor you using them. I studied for less than one month for the four core exams with Liran and passed them all on the first try. Really a testament to Liran’s teaching ability and process.
— John Agozzino - ON, Canada
...I also attended the intensive courses and exam questions workshop. I would absolutely recommend every NCA student to utilize Liran’s services - it was invaluable! His insights about how to approach the exams is what helped me the most. I would also recommend reading his blog posts, they are extremely helpful and guide you in the right direction. All in all, I was really glad to have decided to use Liran’s services.
— Namita Balgi - ON, Canada
Liran is an excellent tutor especially in Admin Law. I strongly recommend you to take his courses especially exam workshop where he masterfully teaches how to spot issues in the most efficient way.
— Sherzod Karimov - ON, Canada
Hi Liran i have passed crim thanks a lot
— Zoe W. - ON, Canada
I can not thank you enough for helping me in January, please register me in for adm and consti , looking forward to your tutoring
— Vicky Manak - ON, Canada
Hi Liran I passed my Consti exam in first go... Ur class was really helpful
Thnk u so much
— Taruna Sharma - ON, Canada
Passed Criminal Law exam. Thank you for your tutoring!!
— Laura Mijares - ON, Canada
Hey liran hopefully u will be doing gr8,, just to let u know i has passed both admin and criminal thanks for the help!!
— Aneel Kamran - ON, Canada
Thank you Liran for all your help and support.
You truly are a kind and considerate person.
You have great motivational skills and I am glad that I met you.
Your one to one tuition was excellent and helped me pass the examinations.
I feel really blessed/lucky that I came across a person like you.
Thank you once again.
— A. Malik, ON, Canada
Hi Liran , i have passed my three exams with your guidance. i am thank full to you for your help keep up the wonder full work you are doing , may God bless you.
— Gurpreet Mangat - Chandigarh, India
Passed Admin in first attempt. All thanks to Liran’s notes.
— Maneesh Mehta - New Delhi, India
Studying for the NCA exams can be an overwhelming task. In many ways, this is stimulated from the general outlines provided by the Committee and the limited information offered on each examination. This typically leaves individuals with no clear direction on how to exactly tackle these exams, or even its materials. As a result, many students (such as myself) often experience sentiments of confusion as well as distress during such periods. It was for this very reason why I decided to enroll with NCA tutors, and the rest is history. Liran facilitated me, prepared me and gave me the confidence needed to effectively complete and clear my NCA requirements. His classes offer clear frameworks for what each course requires and clarifies the materials. At the same time, his workshops demonstrate valuable techniques to answer exam questions. I would highly recommend both be taken, it was because I took them together that I passed subsequently for Professional Responsibility, Administrative, Foundations and Criminal.
— Asmahan Hussein - ON, Canada
I urge all NCA students to look no further than the notes and tutouring Liran provides. His notes are clear, concise, and filled with all of the information needed in relation to the syllabus. As a student of his, I also participated in his teaching sessions and exam workshops. Liran’s method of teaching is straight to the point, which allows students to quickly become familiar with legal rules. Liran challenges his students in class, which helps with grasping effective problem solving techniques no matter the subject! Thanks Liran!
— Joey Cavuoto - ON, Canada
Liran is AMAZING! I took all five exams and passed at one go. Honestly, I was not sure how to apply all I had read. But Liran’s exam practice sessions really helped me streamline my understanding of the materials. His notes are superb. I also appreciate the professionalism with which his program is run. I would recommend NCA Tutor - any day, any time!!
— Meg Reuben - ON, Canada
I am so delighted to share that I have successfully completed the NCA requirements in my first attempts. For all the five NCA core subjects I attended Liran’s classes, and I am very thankful to Liran who has helped me in understanding the concepts of five NCA core subjects and guided me well on how to approach the examination questions. To quote some concepts that deeply ingrained on me from his teachings are - Constitutional Amendment, Pith and Substance of Judicial Review, Charter Rights and Aboriginal Rights, Criminal Law Mens Rea and Actus Reus elements and Substantial and Procedural Reviews of Administrative Law. Apart from Liran’s classes, his foundations notes and criminal law notes were really handy for me during the examinations, especially, summary of criminal law cases and foundations articles were easy to refer to during the examination. Also, his guess of Professional Responsibility essays saved my examination and a big thanks for it. Overall, I am in a position to post a positive feedback and that says everything about his services.
— Jyoshna Bhargavi
Liran....A big thank you for all your support both online and one to one tutoring in preparing for the NCA exams. As a foreign lawyer the process of preparing for 9 exams would not have been possible without the execellent notes as detailed on the website, together with personal lecturing, class explanations, Q& A, crucial exam techniques and most of all unlimited guidance and humour! I would recommend to all those who need to sit the exams, to do with a smile and trust Liran and you will succeed! Thank you once again.....
— Ruby Kaur, Esq - London, UK
Both Liran and Anat were extremely helpful throughout the NCA process. They were happy to answer my questions and did so in a timely manner, despite the numerous queries they receive. Having used NCA Tutor notes for most of my exams and even taking some classes and exam workshops with Liran, I truly believe that if you want to get your exams done efficiently whilst gaining an understanding of Canadian law, NCA Tutor is the way to go! Liran’s courses and notes are tailored to suit the expectations of the NCA and he is so genuinely interested in the success of his students that it was a pleasure to learn from him!
— Marvah Farooqi - ON, Canada
The best investment I have made in my NCA journey. I purchased Liran’s notes for Admin, Consti, Foundations and Crim and attended his classes for the same.

The first set of notes I purchased was for Crim and as I was reading through the assigned material and cross-referencing them to the notes, I found them to be thorough. The quality of the Crim notes gave me the confidence to purchase Liran’s notes for the rest of my exams and I was not disappointed. His classes are excellent because he breaks the course down to its skeleton which really helps make sense of how all the material fit in with each other. To be honest, after reading hundreds of pages and becoming engrossed with the details of many cases, you do lose sight of the bigger picture - Liran’s class helps declutter and and refocus your attention on the important things.

Like I said, best investment. Absolutely no regrets and will whole-heartedly recommend Liran’s notes and classes to others. You will still need to do the leg work but Liran’s notes and classes will set you in the right direction.
— Maria Joachim - ON, Canada
I was assessed the 5 mandatory NCA examinations and was wondering if I should space them out or take them all at once. Keeping in mind that I would lose a lot of time, I decided to approach Liran at NCA Tutor for advice. He informed me that there were instances of students taking and passing as many as 7 exams at a time. Not having practiced or studied law for over 2 years, I was skeptical. However, attending Liran’s intensive classes and exam workshops prepared me for my challenge. I would recommend other students to take the NCA Tutor classes as Liran is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher who will help prepare you for your exams. Having notched up over 1000 students speaks for itself!
— Sagar Shah - ON, Canada
Liran, without a doubt, had a significant part in successfully clearing all 5 NCA exams on the first shot.
I met Liran for a private tutoring session when I first started studying for the NCA exams, to learn how to study for these exams and how to write them, which was very helpful.
I used Liran’s excellent notes for most exams, which saved me a lot of precious time.
I also attended the intensive courses and exam workshops Liran offers, which were invaluable.
— Elad Travis - ON, Canada
When I began the NCA process I was referred to Liran from an old friend who had used him when he undertook the NCA process - nothing but positive words.

I must admit, I was overwhelmed with the NCA process as a whole and felt I was simply thrown into the deep end. Liran simplified the process immensely and through his intensive classes coupled with the exam review classes I actually felt prepared and confident about taking the exams.

I had some pre-exam jitters in the week prior and I was able to book some last minute skype calls with Liran to do a quick review and he was so helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to go into the exams with.

Needles to say I passed all my exams.
— Felipe Gonzalez - ON, Canada
Liran and his team at the NCA Tutor are so very helpful, professional and friendly. From my first interactions with this company I felt confident that they would provide me with the quality and expertise I was looking for in preparing for my NCA exams. I attended a group class of Liran’s in Toronto for Admin law and found it to be very helpful. He was very clear and thorough in his expaliantions of the material and made sure everyone understood. He instilled confidence in me and was very approachable. I also purhased his notes for the core subjects and found they were well organized and covered the syllabus thoroughly. The summaries were very helpful during the exam to save on time. I would highly recommend Liran and his team to assist you with your NCA exam preparation.
— Christine K. - ON, Canada
Among many other things, Liran’s Notes and the classes (tutorials and exam workshops), offered me a bird’s-eye view of the substantive issues involved in the NCA courses. The classes also served as a platform for detailed discussions and for acquiring proven tools/resources that were very defining for me in my approach to answering questions on the exams. The in-class discussions were very interactive and conducted under an overall atmosphere that engender intellectual discourse. In fact, one almost couldn’t ask a “stupid” question or make a dumb comment in those classes because Liran’s response would only focus on letting you see the correct position of the law on the matter (which Liran would undertake in a courteous and professional manner) without making you look/feel “stupid” at all. This makes the classes ‘relaxed’, interactive and richly rewarding as candidates move from “self-doubt” to “self-confidence”. In the end, one gets a perfect idea of what the expectations of the exam administrators are. Liran’s contribution to my preparation was a game-changer for me as I went in for the exams with profound insights! I passed all the 6 courses based primarily on his classes and notes! I heartily recommend his online tutorials and exam workshop!
— Olufemi Adeleke - SK, Canada
I passed all five subjects with the help from Liran and his notes. You can never get away with not reading the actual materials, but Liran’s notes really helped to clarify and summarize the main points and/or elements of the law and cases. Also, if you are working full-time and have kids at home (meaning not having enough quality studying time), a private tutoring with Liran would be a good idea as he will browse through all the topics with you. Thanks Liran!
— Jenny Cho - Seoul, Korea/BC, Canada
Thank you for teaching me and helping me pass my exams while pregnant and with my newborn son. Liran is the best teacher of law for exams ever. I only wish he tutored for the PLTC in BC! I highly recommend him. I had no time to study while working 7 days a week and pregnant. I was so exhausted and plagued with morning sickness but he taught me whole subjects with patience and compassion. And with a newborn I had no sleep and no brain but he still taught me with good humour and kindness. Thank you
— Mieko Bond - BC, Canada
I don’t think there are enough stars to be able to indicate how amazing Liran’s tutoring services are! Not only are the notes thorough and organized, but his intelligence in advising me about my exams was the key. Writing 4 exams in each sitting, I wouldn’t have been able to pass them all on the first go if I didn’t have Liran to help me out!
— Sienna Molu - ON, Canada
Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Liran for his tutoring and notes for the NCA exam courses. With his help (in-person tutoring, review classes, and notes), I was able to pass all five mandatory NCA exams in the January 2016 session.

Liran has an excellent grasp of the NCA course materials, and more importantly, an ability to impart that knowledge. Further, he understands what it takes to pass the tests. The tutoring was holistic, and was comprised of both substantive knowledge and practical test taking tips/strategies that were invaluable. I am tremendously grateful for his time because I couldn’t have done it without him.

I am writing the Ontario Bar in June 2016, and I will be back to Liran for whatever guidance, courses, or materials he has to offer. Seriously, thank you Liran!
— Ellie Freedman - ON, Canada
I purchased notes from NCA Tutor for both Constitutional and Administrative law, and utilized them as my sole source of study material. I passed both exams on first attempt, and I think this is indicative of how comprehensive, organized, and well-done these notes are.
— Reem H. - ON, Canada
Phenomenal teacher and has a great way of organizing his classes to make all the difficult concepts much more digestible. He puts all the major concepts in context which makes a huge difference and let’s you fill in the whole picture with your own studying. His classes and notes are second to none and will save you hours of studying. Liran is helpful and his experience teaching the subjects as well as knowing how questions are asked on the exam make his classses invaluable for the NCAs. I used him to finish my 7 assigned NCA exams in 2 sittings (4 and 3) and wouldn’t have been able to handle it on top of work without his help. Ive highly recommended him to everyone I know and continue to do so for NCAs and the Bar.
— Alexander Pletsch - ON, Canada
NCA Tutor should be your one and ONLY option/choice for all things NCA related. Working with Liran was an absolute pleasure. He is professional, helpful, and very well informed and educated in all NCA related subjects. The notes were amazing and detailed, the classes were amazing and helpful, and the teaching was absolutely superb. I highly recommend a combination of the notes and classes and possibly some one-on-one tutoring with Liran. Thank you for all your help. I look forward to working with you for the Ontario Bar Exam. NCA TUTOR ROCKS!
— Hirad Asnafi - ON, Canada
Liran helped me with the NCA materials, which were extremely foreign to me. I was able to pass the NCA examinations with his guidance.
— Han Li - London, UK
Liran helps in many unexpected ways. I lacked self confidence and feared the unknown. It was during Liran’s classes where I’ve gotten a clearer view of what to expect and it helped build my self confidence and assurance in passing the exams. I strongly recommend attending Liran’s courses especially for the first exam sitting. Even better, discuss with Liran which exams to write first. Strategize! It’s always better walking in with an edge!
— Carey W. - ON, Canada
Found out I passed all 5 exams that I took in October - Admin, Consti, Crim, Foundations, and PR. Liran was a big part of my success! He was clear, concise, and to-the-point. His classes were extremely helpful and worth it! He’s an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking to knock these NCA exams out of the park!
— Jackie F. ON, Canada
If I could rate Liran’s tutoring as six stars, I would! I had bought/ was given notes from numerous other people, taken classes online with U of T, and did not find that it prepared me for the exams any better than reading through the material on my own and trying to make sense of it. I was working at a firm full time and just couldn’t make time for all the prep. Decided to join an in person group tutorial, and later, a review class with Liran; best decision I ever made. With Liran’s tutoring and guidance, I was able to cut my study time ten-fold (not even exaggerating) and was able to walk-into the exams with a clear game plan (and my sanity in tact). I purchased his notes for Criminal, Consti and Admin. When I wrote Foundations, his notes were freely given, and gladly accepted! To anyone skeptical of Liran’s tutoring, I can assure you that your time and money will be well worth it. On a final note, what I found the most useful about Liran’s tutoring specifically, was his ability to convey exactly what candidates needed to know and expect in terms of tackling problem questions; his advice became invaluable to me.
— Jasmine Sivekumar - ON, Canada
Liran provided the necessary guidance and knowledge required to tackle the NCA exams. Not only his tutelage, but his notes as well were extremely helpful. He explains the core of the subjects so it is easier to digest the materials. Thank you Liran!
— Peter Wang - ON, Canada
Liran, passed my Admin Law. Thank you.
— Giva Balasingam - QC, Canada
Liran is an excellent tutor. His course material is updated regularly and his teaching is very accommodating to students of all-types. He keeps his tutorials small and this allows him to give each student the attention he/ she needs. Distance learning is possible as students also have the option to attend his classes via Skype.

He is an engaging and attentive character -he takes time to ensure his students understand the key concepts and cases. He is also approachable and friendly -which allows a safe atmosphere for students to ask questions and clarify their understanding. I would recommend anyone struggling with the core NCA exams to take a class with Liran. With Liran’s help, students can study smarter and enter the exams with confidence.
— Mary W. ON, Canada
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Liran for the tutoring sessions for Admin and Crim, which I thankfully passed. They were very helpful as the material and exam q’s for both are challenging. I did 2 sessions for each course for an overview, and then 1 session each for practice exams. His knowledge of how exactly to tackle the questions was most valuble. If budget may be an issue, then I would suggest at least trying to have a session for practice exams.
If u cant get the tutoring, I’d highly recommend getting his notes as a guide line for studying, as he’s layed out the material from books and case law clearly and concisely. His notes were the basis of my studying for all 4 subjects and really helped me learn the courses. For Foundations and Constitutional I just used the notes and the books and did fine. Now im finally finished and just wanted to share my experience. Good luck to everyone still writing.
— Poonam Brar - BC, Canada
This company/Liran as a tutor should be utilized by all individuals writing the NCAs. Liran was essential to me passing all my exams (7) in two sittings. I purchased his notes for each course and attended many of his review sessions and exam prep courses. The Notes are condensed versions of the NCA Syllabi and are extremely helpful for revision. In the classes, Liran explained all of the core concepts, key cases and tests needed for the exam. He also gave very accurate predictions as to what would be on the exam. These predictions, along with his study tips and guidance on what to focus on for each exam are vital aspects of his classes which cannot be found or bought anywhere else. He has taught around 700-800 students, which is a testament to the quality of his tutoring skills, knowledge about the exams and overall referrals of past students. Again, I can’t reiterate how monumental NCA Tutor was to passing these exams, and I highly recommend anyone taking the NCAs to utilize their services.
— David Horvatin - ON, Canada
Initially, I was very confused with the matter of the core subjects. However Liran notes and tutoring helped me to follow the right track. I would recommend every aspiring NCA student, looking for appropriate concept in all the core subjects should attend his workshops and go through his notes.
— Anamika Sinha - ON, Canada
Liran’s notes and tutoring sessions were instrumental to my NCA process. I had the 5 core exams to write, but chose to write two of those in-class. Especially for constitutional and criminal law, I felt that his notes were extremely helpful. I did not have my own set of notes, and only relied on his. At a bare minimum I would recommend his notes, but I would also recommend doing his exam sessions if you can! Definitely would recommend him to anyone!
— Laura Minuk