Mentorship Program

Coming Soon!

Apply to our mentorship program to have personalized mentoring. The program is entirely free and available to recent immigrant lawyers to Canada. Each of our mentors will be assigned one mentee who they will meet either in person or online. Your mentor can provide you with career guidance, advice on applying for articleships and general information about the licensing process.

Your mentorship application can be submitted to

Your application should include:

1) Law school transcripts

2) Resume

3) A cover letter about yourself and what you hope to gain from your experience in the program

4) Online Application (coming soon)

Because of the high volume of anticipated applications and the limited number of mentors, we will only be contacting successfully paired mentees. Those applicants who were not selected, will automatically be reconsidered for the next round of the program.

Elad Travis

Corporate Law at Benett Jones

Sarah Nasrullah

Privacy & Cyber Security at PwC, CIPP/C and CIPM

Thabang Pebane

Criminal, Corporate & Civil Litigation at TMD Law

Inna Tsinman

Family Law at Tsinman Law

Liran Kandin

CEO at LexPD & Director & Chair of Corporate Governance & Regulations at Nabis Holdings Inc.

Áine O’Connor

Investment Professional at iCON Infrastructure

Elias Munshya

Principal Laywer at Munshya Law

Amanda Mitchell

US Immigration Law at Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP