Practice Exams for Foundations of Canadian Law

This is a follow-up post to our posting on July 21st. Are there any sample exams out there for Foundations of Canadian Law? Is the NCA sample exam enough?

Traditionally, the Foundations of Canadian law exam has been the most unpredictable exam of all the NCA subjects. The sample exam has little to do with what the actual exam might look like. Students have been tested anywhere from one single question all the way up to eight individual questions.

You will have a hard time finding an exam that will match the NCA syllabus close enough for your to practice. Instead, you should focus your time understanding the substantive material in the course. Spend extra time reading the assigned articles. Those articles get updated frequently and therefore you would expect to receive questions relating to issues in the articles. Do no rely blindly on someone's summaries for the articles. Do the work and read them yourself. I know they are long, but afterall you are lawyers or going to be lawyers. You need to be able to digest vasts amounts of information in a short period of time.