Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!

Wishing all of our friends, colleagues, family members, and students a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year.

This month marks our 5 year anniversary and we are really proud to announce that we have worked with over 700 NCA candidates from over 34 countries. Last year we brought on new instructors and expanded our course offerings. This year we plan to expand and introduce new and exciting content via our blog, new programs for the Ontario Barrister & Solicitor examinations, new NCA course offerings, and focus more efforts on creating continuing professional development courses for lawyers across Canada. Thank you all for being part of our success. We look forward to working wtih many more students and staying in touch with those who have moved on in their careers.

On behalf of everyone at Lex PD - NCA Tutor

Happy New Year

Liran Kandinov Executive Director - Lex PD Group Inc.