5 tips for preparing for the upcoming NCA Exams

1) Get your books early.

Get your books early so that you can prepare your own notes for the exams. I strongly recommend that students prepare their own notes from scratch and starting early is key to having a good set of notes prepared by you.

2) Forget what you learned in law school.

Try not to import foreign legal concepts that you may have learned in other countries. Stick to the materials on the NCA syllabus and forget about the rest. Depending on what jurisdiction you come from (particularly those who were tested in closed-book exams), you may even have to forget about your exam writing techniques. See my previous posts about using the IRAC method.

3) Join social networking groups so you can discuss the NCA process with other students or people more experienced than yourself.

a) My FB tutoring group

b) The largest and most active NCA group on the internet

c) My LinkedIn group

d) NCA Tutor's Google Plus Page

4) Set up a regular study schedule and stick to it.

This tip is particularly important for NCA students who are either working full-time or have a family and kids. You need to find a regular time where you can get away and focus on your exams and this time cannot be interrupted.

5) Find a quiet study space.

Again, this tip is important for NCA candidates who have young children. You need to find a space either in your home or outside where you won't be interrupted for up to one hour at a time. For some, that means going to your local library or studying at night when your young ones are asleep.