Decoding the Criminal Code

Many students have asked me to recommend a criminal code they should purchase. There are many codes out there but the best one from experience would be any code that is NOT annotated.

The reason I suggest a non-annotated code for the exam is because for many students that have failed criminal law, one of their challenges was completing the exam within the allotted time. The annotated code is detailed and gives you case law on how the code is applied. You should NOT be reading this during your exam. You do not have the time to go through the annotations and start learning during the exam; instead you should be using the cases listed on the syllabus to understand how the code is applied. While you are preparing for your exams you need to have the code with you. Every case you read on the syllabus is discussing some provision of the criminal code. Look up that provision and get familiar with it as you're studying. Make your own annotations in your pocket code as you prepare for the exam. These annotations should be sufficient for the exam. This will be the best prep you can get for understanding how the code is applied.