What's the deal with an appeal???

Originally published on facebook on October 9, 2013. Re-posted and updated.

Many people have asked me if there's any point in appealing. Has anyone ever successfully appealed an NCA assessment or an NCA failed exam paper?

Everyone's specific situation is different! I know of several people who have successfully appealed their assessments and failed papers. I also know of several people who have unsuccessfully appealed them.

When it comes to an assessment, you really need to be mindful of the NCA rules and guidelines posted on their website. If you see something out of the ordinary, then yes! you should appeal. If not, then don't waste your time.

The same goes with exams. I have been approached dozens of times by people asking me if they should appeal their exam mark. Often times those people fail to see that they actually totally messed up their exam. For example, if you argued all the correct legal points but you failed to connect the facts of the case to your legal analysis, you should basically get a zero on that question. The NCA examiners are often nice and give you some marks for general legal discussion. Remember, the NCA exams are open book and therefore, any general legal discussion could have just been copied and pasted into your exam from your notes. General legal discussion does not show the examiner that you know what's going on. Knowing when you're in the wrong will save you time and money.

Do not assume that if your grade is close to a passing one that the NCA will simply reassess your mark without you providing them with compelling reasons as to why your paper deserved more marks.